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chilli thread

  • Red Chili Thread
  • Red Chili Thread
  • Red Chili Thread
Red Chili ThreadRed Chili ThreadRed Chili Thread

Red Chili Thread

  • Appearance: Natural red
  • Size(Length): 0.4mm, 0.8mm
  • Pungency :2000-50000 S.H.U
  • Color :100-120-140-160-180-200-220ASTA
  • Product description: These threads come from the Beijing Red Pepper (Puya Chili) a dried red pepper named for the region in China where they are believed to be indigenous.they have a grassy, slightly smoky, fresh flavor.

The threads can be used "as is", toasted or rehydrated. Because these threads are very pliable they can be used as a visually spectacular garnish and will provide a nice touch of heat. Gently toasting them in a dry skillet enhances the flavor. You'll only need to toast them over medium heat for about one minute. They can also be soaked for about 10-15 minutes in warm water.

We've used these threads in a variety of different cuisines where a little extra heat is needed including Korean, Mexican and Southwestern. Add to hors d'oeuvres, salads, soups or stir-fries. They can also be used as a garnish on kimchi.

You can also use these to make a chili vinegar. Add approximately 1 oz of the threads to a 1 cup glass jar and then fill the jar with your favorite vinegar, add a dash of salt, a pinch of sugar and tightly close the jar lid. Let the flavors marry for about 7 days at room temperature then strain. We like to transfer to an old hot sauce or soy sauce bottle and then refrigerate. Use in place of hot sauce.


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